Check your Suitability for IT or Interim Contracting in London


Are you suitable for the London UK contract market? Do you have what it takes? Will it suit your lifestyle, qualifications and experience? How do you score?

If you have 3 years experience and skills that could be sold at a premium Contracting in London could be ideal for you but are you cut out for it to be an IT Contractor? Answer these questions for yourself!

Contractor suitability lifestyle questionnaire

1 – Are you keen to keep developing your skills to ensure they remain current?

2 – Do you look for variety on the work that you do?

3 – Are you constantly on the lookout for a new challenge?

4 – Do you want to take control of your career?

5 – Do you try to avoid getting involved in office politics?

6 – Do you want to earn as much as you can for your skills and expertise?

7 – Do you want more flexibility in who you work for and when you work?

8. -Are you willing to take a risk and cope with uncertainty

9.- Are you willing to commute regularly

10.- Do you prefer variety and change to stability and the status quo

11-  Are you happy to earn a living based on your business skills and professional reputation and the successful outcome of delivering a product or service?

12- Do you recognise the need to establish and grow a business network?

13- Are you willing to constantly develop your networking and communication skills?

14- Can you live and work without employment protection and are you happy to work at different geographical locations every six months?

15- Do you have 3 years commercial experience with skills that could be sold to a client?

Scores of 12 or less are high risk and may not make good contractors! 

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