The Rugby World Cup, an opportunity to discover London and enhance your Overseas Experience

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The Rugby World cup is nearly here and everyone at BITE Consulting are getting excited about the months ahead, the festivities and people we will all meet. Many people will be visiting London for the first time In September and October, while others will be re-visiting the UK and meeting old friends or just soaking up the atmosphere as they enjoy their “Rugby World Cup Overseas Experience”.


BITE Consulting’s Bagshot office is based in the village walking distance from the England training camp at Pennyhill Park. It is not uncommon to see England players (quite often unnoticed) walking around the village or having a quite coffee in the Bagshot Village Cafe. We obviously feel a close affinity to the team although Roseanne, our British Kiwi, insists on supporting the “All Blacks” of New Zealand. Traditionally our IT Consultancy was founded on helping Kiwi’s, Australians and South Africans, Canadians and “Brits” find a contract job in London.

We now cater for people all over the world and massively for British contractors- basically anyone who wants to be successful as an IT Contractor or Interim Consultant in the UK. We are expecting a big upsurge of interest from people who wish to work in the UK either as a result of coming over for the world cup and staying or returning home and being inspired by London and therefore wish to return.


Our London office slap bang in the middle of London is geared up to help people wishing to find a job in London and the UK for those that have a legal right to do so. Many people are not aware of the opportunities to legally work in the UK.

The simplest option is the Youth Mobility Scheme visa or Tier 5 visa, so if you are here for the Rugby World cup 2015 and wish to stay why not apply and arrange one now. If you are from Australia, New Zealand and Canada and Hong Kong and UNDER 31 you can apply for a visa that allows you to take temporary work over a 2 year period. This is ideal for those who want to plan their Great Overseas Experience and use London as the base to visit Europe.

If you have British or European grandparents you can probably gain an ancestry visa. Better still if one of your parents is British or European you could gain an E.U. passport.




For those that don’t have these opportunities but do have three years good I.T. experience there is a shortage of qualified people in the UK in the I.T. sector and there are many companies who would be willing to sponsor you, having had the opportunity to meet you. So why not come over for the Rugby World Cup and meet people over here who might be able to help your career.

Here are a couple several links:

Home office:

GetaUKjob: the site is currently being updated for the world cup:

Britbound: simple visa and travel and job support:

BITE Consulting: Career support for those wishing to work in the UK as an IT contractor or professional Interim:




There are two certainties, whatever the results on the field, 1. The rugby is going to be amazing and 2. There will be some fantastic job opportunities for people after the Rugby World Cup whoever wins it!

So what can you do now to enhance your job opportunities?

Firstly go to our website and download our free app for Android and Apple devices.

Secondly, check out BITE Consulting’s job site – for job opportunities across multiple industries in the UK.

These tools are both free and give you access to over 20,000 jobs.

While many employers won’t take you seriously till you are here, BITE Consulting can let people know of your imminent arrival and try to arrange a work visa.

Secondly, at BITE Consulting, we are offering a free 20 minute Job consultation at BITE Consulting’s London offices in Leicester square (between 14th September and 30th October 2015 at our”World cup job search clinic”) with a senior manager or Director whether you want a permanent job, a temporary job or a contract job. What is certain is you will get some great free advice based on BITE’s 17 years experience offering career advice and career support to job seekers.

The help we can give you will range from some constructive advice over your CV to help you decide how to approach your UK job search, where to look for jobs and what free tools are available to make your job search more effective.




BITE Consulting’s market is helping people gain contracts in the IT, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Accountancy and general professional Interim positions for consultants and managers. Our candidates range from 22- 65 (so you’re unlikely to experience age discrimination) but must have several years relevant work experience. However for the period of the Rugby World Cup, we are prepared to help anyone by offering free support to those wishing to gain a job in London at our World Cup Job Search Clinic with a 20 minute consultation (bring your CV). What’s more we will also pay a referral fee of £150 to anyone recommending someone who starts work with us, particularly as a result of attending the “Job Search Clinic”.

Additionally if you would like to be recommended to a Rugby club to continue or develop your playing career, our Director Keith Boatman is a well known coach and operates as a scout for a number of clubs recommending players to clubs at every level.




So why not get in contact with us? Head to our website or give our team a call in our Bagshot office on 01276 452148 for a chat!

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