BITE Consulting Limited

A totally Independent IT Management Consultancy
As a company we operate exclusively in the UK currently but do have the ability to work in Europe should that be required. Our management team have been working in the IT Service sector since 1998 so our ability to provide good practical advice as a management consultancy is second to none. We are based in central London but have work all over the UK in our current form since 2014.
We provide Software and Infrastructure services across the UK to clients both in the Private and Public sectors.

We recruit top class consultants from the UK or the rest of the world to meet our and our clients needs and have an excellent track record through our management development team of attracting experienced contractors who would not normally work in a permanent job. The variety of assignments combined with our career development makes BITE an attractive career move. It is very rare for our staff to become trapped with knowledge in any one technology that might become out of date.

Our consultants are all full time PAYE employees who are fully trained, referenced and checked with good spoken and written English skill. Every Consultant holds a British passport or has a UK work visa. In addition very consultant has a future with BITE that develops them not only for their time with BITE but for a future in the IT Industry wherever it may take them. We establish a training and development program for all our staff. In short we keep our consultants happy and motivated and we believe as a result are a pleasure to deal with!

Our goal is to keep our staff but we recognise that one day everyone will need to move on to a new challenge so we retain the services of our sister company to enable career transition for our loyal employees should they wish to take part in a planned move with us in or outside of the UK, and whether to a permanent or contract career.